Autism Neurofeedback Case study of Steven

One early report about neurofeedback for autism was presented in August 1997 by Joy Lunt, who treated an eight year old boy with autism. Steven (not his real name) started neurofeedback for autism training in September 1996. Joy Lunt, a neurofeedback practitioner who has been providing neurofeedback for autism and other conditions since 1993, reports:

By session #5, Steven’s Mom and school noted improvement in his ability to respond to verbal cues and he was sitting still for short periods. He was also beginning to focus for short periods on school work. (The comments from school were a surprise as they had no idea he was doing the biofeedback. Mom made the choice not to tell them until she was more sure about the changes.)

After session #8, his teacher told Mom that it had been the best day he had ever had in school!

After session #12, Teachers comments were that it was like having a different child in class. They frequently report to Mom about how much more cheerful he is at school lately.

Between session #12 and #28, he started working on school work with Mom at home with success for the first time. Also took his first spelling and math tests and did well. Now he does consistently well in both of these subjects.

Improvements in language really became noticeable about now. His speech slowed down and he became easier to understand.

We have discovered that he has quite a sense of humor and better yet, he understands it and uses it appropriately. (He likes to tease his mom). He also has a great sense of rhythm and plays the drums very well. Friends who come to the house are able to understand him for the first time.

By January 27, 1997, Steven had done approximately 60 sessions now. His vocal volume is much better controlled, and he responds well when asked to lower his voice. He very rarely has the outbursts of noises that used to be commonplace.

His physical movements are smoother and less robot-like. His mother beams when he asks her for a hug and kiss.

On his school report form the comment was written that he is a "JOY" to have in the classroom. Mom blames me for that, what a pleasure!

In March 1997, Steven celebrated his birthday by having a party at a video arcade! What a test! This is a place he could not tolerate for even a moment before. Mom reports that he loved it, interacted well with the other kids, waited his turn for the games and was not at all overwhelmed by all of the noise and activity.

A fuller report on Steven’s experience with neurofeedback for autism can be found at the EEG Spectrum International website.