#Autism Social Networking Sites

Squag is a social networking website designed specifically for teens and tweens with autism. The site was created with both safety and self-reflection in mind and makes heavy use of parental monitoring and eliminates file sharing.

Squag is different from other social networking websites in that it puts the onus on parents to assist in their child's online socialization. Parents begin by building their child a virtual room or Squagpad. The Squagpad is filled with all of the child's favorite things including music and photos. The parent can leave supporting notes for their child that encourage them to write down what they like about themselves or what makes them feel accomplished. The child can then enter their Squagpad and begin connecting with other users. Users are given sample blurbs from other users and once an invitation connect has been accepted both users Squagpads are open for viewing to spark conversation.

Nowadays it seems like there are social networks for just about anyone and everything. Here's hoping that more sites follow the lead of Squag so that children with developmental disabilities have a safe and open place to express themselves online.